I provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples seeking to improve their lives and relationships by helping them pinpoint the core problems and guiding them in taking the steps necessary for creating real change.

Are you struggling with painful emotions that impair your enjoyment of life? Do you feel dissatisfied with your life which doesn’t seem to match your values, goals, and dreams? Are you overwhelmed by worry you don’t know how to control or frustrated by conflict in your relationships? Do you often feel lonely, isolated, or misunderstood? It can be painful and wearisome to feel stuck in a troubling emotional state you can’t see your way out of or to feel that you are not living up to your potential. But it is possible to not feel so trapped by your feelings or circumstances and to feel more like the author of your own life.

I help people move beyond a life that is darkly colored by depression, constrained by anxiety or fears, or restricted by ineffective ways of coping with stress or trauma. I use approaches with proven effectiveness and tailor our work to you as an individual. Re-connecting you with your strengths and inner wisdom is an important part of my approach.

If you are longing to experience more peace and a sense of empowerment in your life and relationships, I’d like to help. I am passionate about sharing my experience and skills to help people transform their lives for the better, and would be honored to be a part of your change process.

**PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer accepting new clients**